Piggy on Pancakes bento

Couple of days ago I was browsing the baking shop near my office for more gel colours when I saw the packs of fondant and gumpaste they had on the shelves. I had experimented with fondant years ago (before Z1 came along) when I tried my hand at cake decorating, but I had never worked with gumpaste. So I bought a pack of pre-made Wilton gumpaste and was trying it out that night.

Gumpaste was easier to work with than I thought. I might post up a blog post next week on working with gumpaste after I work with it again this weekend. But in the meantime I wanted to share these gumpaste flowers and leaves I made. Super simple and easy.

Easy gumpaste flowers and leaves | Bento Days

Easy gumpaste flowers and leaves

On inspecting the picture thereafter I realized I did not dust off the cornstarch properly, but these aren’t for eating anyway. Gumpaste is edible but not palatable!

I also wanted to make a bear to put in my bento but my bear ended up looking more like a pig, so I gave it piggy features instead. Here we have the pig resting on top of a stack of mini pancakes I whipped up for the kids breakfast. They had it with maple syrup and strawberries.

Piggy on pancakes bento | Bento Days

Piggy on pancakes bento


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