Hello Kitty Earth Day bento

Today is Earth Day, and I made a bento of Hello Kitty hugging the Earth.

I finally got hold of some dried blue pea flowers (also called butterfly pea flowers or bunga telang in Malay) and extracted the liquid by soaking the flowers. Thereafter I used that blue coloured liquid to cook the rice. Perhaps I should have soaked the flowers for a longer duration, as the rice turned out to be a very pale blue after it was cooked.

I used the blue rice to make the Earth that Hello Kitty is hugging in the bento, and some rice mixed with green furikake to get the continents. I was rather disappointed that the colour contrast between the blue and green did not turn out very well, next time will experiment with other ingredients to use.

Hello Kitty Earth Day bento | Bento Days

Hello Kitty Earth Day bento


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