Elmo and Cookie Monster bento

I had been wanting to make a Cookie Monster bento for the last one week, but I needed blue rice to do so. I have previously used some blue gel food colouring in the water used to cook rice as seen in my Under the Sea bento and that produced a rather pretty blue hue, but I was looking for something more natural this time round.

I couldn’t find any blue pea flowers as recommended by other bloggers, so I finally bought some purple cabbage over the weekend. Now here is a tip on how to make blue rice for bento – boil some purple cabbage to get a purple liquid (as seen in the dish on the left). Add a tiny bit of baking soda and the liquid turns blue (as seen in the dish on the right). I used this liquid to cook the rice to get blue coloured rice. The colour is definitely not as vibrant and pretty as compared to using gel food colouring, but this is a more natural way to get blue coloured rice for bento.

By the way, I got Z2 and Z1 to hold the dishes below.

How to get blue rice for bento | Bento Days

How to get blue rice for bento

So I finally made my Elmo and Cookie Monster bento. I mixed rice with ketchup to make Elmo. And yes, that is a real chocolate chip cookie that Cookie Monster is holding.

Sesame Street bento: Elmo and Cookie Monster bento | Bento Days

Elmo and Cookie Monster bento


6 thoughts on “Elmo and Cookie Monster bento

  1. Too cute!! Great idea on the purple cabbage. I heard kitchen capers sell the dried butterfly pea flowers, u can try. I get my supplies from my mum, who plucks them off someone’s plants ( with permission), lol.

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