Rilakkuma teatime bento

This bento is based on one of the images in my Rilakkuma calendar in office. Rilakkuma is made of wholemeal bread which I made into a bread ball and stuffed with leftover cheese cut-outs. He is drinking a cup of milk and enjoying some snacks at afternoon tea.

The cup of  “milk” is  a hollowed out cherry tomato which I filled with cheese, and the outside of the “cup” is decorated with a nori cutout of a Rilakkuma’s silhouette. The “doughnut” is a small piece of bread covered with Nutella and sprinkles, and the little “cheese bun” is a halved kumquat covered with a cheese cutting of Rilakkuma’s silhouette.

There is some yoghurt and strawberries at the back of the bento box.

Rilakkuma afternoon tea bento | Bento Days

Rilakkuma afternoon tea bento


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