St Patrick’s Day bento and Rainbow Jelly

St Patrick’s Day falls on March 17th so I have made an early bento for it. We have Snoopy and Charlie Brown wearing Leprechaun hats to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown are cut out from nori and placed on cheese. Their hats are painted on using food colouring diluted with a few drops of water. These cheese slices sit on top of two onigiri, made of rice mixed with tomato ketchup. In case you wonder why my rice is frequently mixed with ketchup, it is because my kids are big fans of ketchup and eat almost anything as long as there is ketchup to dip it in.

St Patrick's Day bento of Snoopy and Charlie Brown | Bento Days

St Patrick’s Day bento of Snoopy and Charlie Brown

I also made some rainbow jelly as a St Patrick’s dessert. It is really simple to make and the kids really love it.

How to make Rainbow jelly for St Patrick's Day | Bento Days

Rainbow jelly for St Patrick’s Day



  • 3 packages of agar agar powder
  • water
  • sugar
  • food colouring
  • plain yoghurt

Prepare the agar agar using the water and sugar according to package directions. I used half a package of agar agar for each colour as I was only making it for the kids.

Start with purple colour in the base, mix the food colouring into the agar agar solution until the desired shade is obtained. Spoon two thirds of the agar agar solution into the containers and let it cool before putting into the fridge for it to set. (Tip: to make it faster, I placed it into the freezer for it to set faster). Once the layer has set, mix two tablespoons of yoghurt into the remaining purple colour agar agar solution and spoon this on top of the jelly that has set.

Repeat this with the remaining colours. The order of colours I used were purple, blue, green, orange and red. Make sure each layer sets before pouring on the next layer.


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