Suntanning Bear Bento

I have been busy these two days getting ready for Z1’s 6th birthday, will share more on his birthday bento and his cake soon. For today I am sharing a lunch bento I made couple of weeks ago, this features a bear suntanning in the hot weather we have here now.

The bear is made of mashed potato, and his sunglasses made out of nori and cheese. The bread roll is stuffed with egg mayo which I made, that was super yummy too!

Suntanning bear bento | Bento Days

Suntanning bear bento


13 thoughts on “Suntanning Bear Bento

  1. Happy 6th B-day! I bet he will love his bento boxes on his b-day. I bet all the kids are jealous of his bento boxes at school. Are all the moms calling you up to get some helpful hints on how to make a creative bento?

  2. That bear looks cute! I also would be quite curious to know your experience working with mashed potato.
    And how does it taste, do you eat it cold? It’s actually too pretty to eat it….

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