Little Green Men Shiratama (Tang Yuan)

I loved the tang yuan recipe shared by Little Miss Bento and made these shiratama dumplings (glutinous rice dumplings, also called tang yuan) based on the Little Green Men from the animated film Toy Story. This is really easy to make and the possibilities of designs are endless.

Little Green Men shiratama dumplings (tang yuan) | Bento Days

Little Green Men shiratama dumplings (tang yuan)

There were only two ingredients used, 40 grams of shiratama flour (Japanese glutinous rice flour) and about 45 grams of silken tofu. These are mixed together until it forms a smooth ball (the Japanese describe the texture similar to one’s earlobe!). I mixed gel food colouring to this dough to get the various colours.

Place each dumpling on a small square of baking parchment and put them carefully in a pot of boiling water. When the dumplings float to the surface, they are ready to be removed from the boiling water. Plunge them into a bowl of ice water until ready to serve.

Traditionally shiratama dumplings are served with sweetened red bean paste (anko), but you could serve them with matcha ice cream (or any other flavour you desire, really!). In this case I served them with nata de coco for a cooling delicious treat on a hot day!


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