Rilakkuma Candy Train bento

I was inspired by a picture on my calendar, and made Korilakkuma with a candy train for this bento.

The candy train is made of inari sushi, topped with various “sweets” and “lollipops” on the train. These are made using mini-tangyuan (glutinous rice dumplings). I added small strips of nori to represent the swirls on the lollipops, and the sweets are made with a whole tangyuan (dumpling) in the center, with two halves of tangyuan at the sides to represent the sweet wrappers.

Korilakkuma is made of onigiri, and he is holding a pink ball of cotton candy, also made with a pink tangyuan (rice dumpling) skewered on a toothpick.

Rilakkuma Candy Train bento | Bento Days

Rilakkuma Candy Train bento

Check out the doughnut chopstick rest, I thought this would complement the candy themed bento well. This chopstick rest is part of a set of three, it comes in that small basket on the top left of the picture. Hope you enjoyed this candy-licious bento!



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