Brick Toast Dessert

In Singapore many of us are used to having thick toast in some coffee places, these are usually thick slices of bread (about twice the thickness of a usual slice of bread) slathered with anything from condensed milk to peanut butter to heibi hiam (spicy dried shrimp sambal). I read up on a variation called brick toast which I was keen to try and is so easy to make.

Brick Toast (thick toast) teddy bear dessert | Bento Days

Brick Toast teddy bear dessert

I used a chunk of unsliced bread (about 4 bread slices thick), and carved a square out the inside, leaving about quarter of an inch around the sides of the bread and half an inch from the bottom. Try to keep the center of the bread as intact as possible while removing it. Cut the inner square of bread into small, bite-size cubes.

Spread the cubes with condensed milk, as well as the insides of the large chunk of toast. Toast in the oven for about 5 minutes until it caramelizes. Remove from the oven and let cool slightly. Stuff the small cubes of bread back into the large chunk of toast, and top with ice cream and fruits. In my case, I topped with scoops of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream. The vanilla ice cream is decorated to look like a bear with cookie ears and chocolate chip eyes. I added some strawberries and drizzled some chocolate sauce (not very neatly, sorry!)

This is a perfect dessert to share on a hot day, the kids definitely loved this!


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