Birthday bento and Kit Kat Cake

It was Z2’s birthday over the weekend, and I made her a birthday bento! Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma are celebrating her birthday with her. Rilakkuma is carrying a small birthday cake made using hard boiled egg. Next time I will use light soya sauce to colour Rilakkuma instead of dark soya sauce, he looks a bit too dark (^-^)

Sides of roasted chicken, stir-fried broccoli and strawberries. I love the birthday Rilakkuma decoration in front of the bento.

Rilakkuma birthday bento | Bento Days

Birthday bento


My version of the Kit Kat cake

I finally tried making the Kit Kat cake, but used chocolate biscuit fingers instead of Kit Kat. I alternated dark, milk and white chocolate fingers around the cake. I baked a basic 6 inch vanilla cake and covered the top and sides with chocolate ganache, as it required less ingredients than chocolate buttercream. The chocolate ganache helps the chocolate biscuits adhere properly to the cake. I covered the sides with the chocolate fingers and the top with M&Ms, and wrapped a birthday ribbon around the side of the cake. I left tiny gaps between each chocolate biscuit so that it would be easier to slice the cake. Very pleased that the little princess loved her birthday cake!

Decorating the cake board

I wrapped a cake board with some lightweight wrapping paper and smoothed down the sides and taped down the bottom. I covered the top of this with cling wrap and taped that down too. Definitely gives the cake a more interesting look, don’t you think so?

Kit Kat cake using chocolate biscuits | Bento Days

Kit Kat cake using chocolate biscuits and M&Ms


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