Halloween Bento: Ghostly Graveyard

I made this mid-afternoon snack bento for the boys while Z2 was having her afternoon nap. And yes, the boys shared this bento and the poor girl slept til almost dinnertime (hence no snack bento for her).

I opened up some of my new Halloween cookie cutters, and made a graveyard out of chocolate bread. The ghosts are actually cheese toast which I toasted lightly in the oven until the cheese melted. The nori features which I had prepared refused to adhere to the grilled cheese and I ended up drawing the ghost features using food marker.

The ground around the graveyard is covered with pork floss, and I added some bone picks as I didn’t have any bone candy around. The other half of this Lunchbots Duo held yoghurt and prawn crackers in two silicone containers (hidden by the ghosts).

Halloween Bento: Ghosts in a Graveyard | Bento Days

Halloween Bento: Ghostly Graveyard


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