Mid Autumn Festival Bento

Mid Autumn Festival is coming up in a few days on Sept 19 this year, and we just had a celebration yesterday evening for the children in our area, with lanterns and mooncakes for the children to sample. They were telling the story of Chang-Er (the moon goddess) and Hou Yi, and I thought I would make a dinner bento of Chang Er.

Mid Autumn Festival Bento (Chang Er) | Bento Days

Mid Autumn Festival Bento (Chang Er)

I used nori to cover the rice and cut some omelette strips to make Chang Er’s costume. Her face and hair are done with cheese and nori, and a egg yolk to represent the full moon. In the other box there are some honey roasted chicken chunks and sauteed beans.

I have also done a Mid Autumn Festival bento last year, click here to view it. Happy Mid Autumn Festival!


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