Jigsaw Puzzle Animal Bread Plate

I made a cute bread plate for the 3 kids to share for breakfast, its a jigsaw puzzle animal bread plate (of course I had to do the decoration the night before).

I used the Lunch Punch Match and Munch puzzle cutters and various types of sliced bread – white bread, wholemeal, pandan bread and butterscotch bread. I did the drawings using melted white chocolate and dark chocolate, although the white chocolate did not show up well after it had set.

I made various animals.. chicks, rooster, alligator, elephant, bee, to name a few. Can you spot the rest of the animals? Also included Z2’s favourite cat.. go figure which one LOL.

Jigsaw Puzzle Animal Bread Plate (cute bread for kids) | Bento Days

Jigsaw Puzzle Animal Bread Plate


17 thoughts on “Jigsaw Puzzle Animal Bread Plate

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