Leftovers for Rilakkuma Pizza

This lunch came about all because of leftovers – leftover tortilla wraps, leftover ham, half a bag of pizza cheese topping. I made Rilakkuma pizzas for the children using the CuteZCute to cut out the tortilla wraps.

These are topped with marinara sauce, broccoli florets, ham slices and cheese. I put the facial details on before serving.

Kiiroitori is made of a hard boiled egg soaked in some tumeric dissolved in water to get a slight yellow colouring. If you are wondering if it adds  a weird taste, no it doesn’t, cos I tasted it and the kids happily ate it too.

Rilakkuma Pizza |Bento Days

Rilakkuma Bear Pizza

Here is another recipe that uses ham and broccoli in pizzas, although they used ranch sauce instead of marinara as I did here.

I will be submitting this to Aspiring Bakers #35: A Palate for Pizza



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