Sweet Sesame Chicken Bento

This must be the first non-kyaraben I have posted. At the end of a long day of baking and minding 3 children alone (not easy to bake while the kids pop by every 2 minutes to see if it is ready), I made a very simple sweet sesame chicken bento for dinner.

It is a slow cooker recipe from Family Fresh Meals, perfect for days like today where I can throw everything into the slow cooker and leave it for 4 hours while I bake and mind the children (I promise I will post the baked goods real soon). I used drumlets instead of chicken breasts, and didn’t top with sesame seeds as the children are not keen on that. However I must say they LOVE the chicken. Once they smelled it they kept trailing after me asking if dinner was ready.

Sweet sesame chicken bento in Lunchbots Trio | Bento Days

Sweet sesame chicken bento in Lunchbots Trio

Two drumlets in the top left of this Lunchbots Trio, served with rice and sides of broccoli, hard boiled egg and red and yellow cherry tomatoes.


10 thoughts on “Sweet Sesame Chicken Bento

  1. How did you know that I love rice, chicken and broccoli? This Bento would certainly be a pleasure to eat. It has all the ingredients that I love. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a fantastic week!

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