Making Rose Bread Using Sliced Bread

Ok so I am a couple of days late in posting my second rose tutorial (see my first tutorial to make rose steamed bread here)

I came across this website Amelia’s Dessert and tried it out, with some modifications of my own. It is quick and fun to make, and I could use this as a decoration in bentos too.

I used two slices of white bread to make one rose. Cut off the crusts of the bread. (I would usually use these bread crusts to make French toast strips for the kids, but they stood next to the counter and ate up all the bread crusts immediately!)

Roll out each slice of bread as flat as possible with a rolling pin and slice into half lengthwise each. This would yield 4 halves of bread. Put aside one half, and for the remaining 3 halves, cut them further into half each. You would have 6 square and one half slice of bread. Cut each square into a petal shape with scissors, mine have rounded tops and more tapered ends, leaving you with 6 small petals and one half as per picture A below.

Roll up the half slice of bread into a tight roll and layer it on top of each petal slice as per picture B below. Ensure that each petal overlaps slightly with the one below it. Roll it up from left to right. I used this method to put the rose together as I found it easier and neater than the method recommended in Amelia’s Dessert.

how to make rose bread using sliced sandwich bread

how to make rose bread using sliced sandwich bread

Roll up the arrangement and you would have the rose formed. To hold it together, I tied the bottom with cotton thread as recommended in the Amelia’s Dessert website. I put each rose in a muffin tray so that it can stand upright while toasting in the oven (Picture C above).

To make the leaves, cut off the crusts of one slice of white bread and flatten it with a rolling pin. One slice of white bread yields four leaves. which are cut out with a round cookie cutter. Score each leaf lightly with a knife to create the “veins”. To toast these in the oven, I put the leaves in a muffin tray and curled them as shown below to set the curve after toasting (picture D above).

Please refer to the tutorial below on how to use a round cookie cutter to cut a leaf shape.  I forgot to take a picture of this step so I hope the illustration below helps.

how to cut leaf shape using round cookie cutter

how to cut leaf shape using round cookie cutter

Assemble the roses and leaves after toasting. These would be perfect for bento decoration or a bigger bouquet could be used as a table centrepiece during parties.

Rose bread bouquet: roses using sliced sandwich bread

Rose bread: roses using sliced sandwich bread

I have spent the long weekend experimenting with several recipes so I will be posting these over the course of the coming week.


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