Made a very simple bento for Z3, and the new macaroon cases I ordered last month were the perfect size for him.

I flipped the lid over and used it as a dish to put his rice, and decorated a Mamegoma face for him. I love those cute little seals from San-X, simply adorable! Its nose is the tip of a hard boiled egg which I dyed blue, the dye was a little strong and even though I only soaked it on for about 10 seconds, the colour came out quite vividly.

In the other dish, he has half of a hard boiled egg (yes, missing the tip which I had cut out for Mamegoma’s nose), with some broccoli and a small piece of chicken.

Mamegoma lunch onigiri bento for baby

Mamegoma bento for baby


14 thoughts on “Mamegoma

    • Did you mean the watermark? One of my fellow bloggers helped me design it 🙂 Let me know if you would like me to put you in touch with her.

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