Child with Mickey hairband

Saw a cute hairband for Z2 the other day, it was with Mickey Mouse ears so I made her a bento out of it too.

I used pork floss for her hair and the Mickey Mouse hairband is cut with nori and laid on top of cheese. The child is holding a Mickey Mouse toy on a stick (actually a bento pick one of my fellow bento bloggers helped to pick up at Tokyo Disneyland last year).

Bento lunch of onigiri of child with Mickey Mouse hairband, cute lunch idea for kids

Onigiri of child with Mickey Mouse hairband


21 thoughts on “Child with Mickey hairband

  1. OMG how adorable! You are so good at creating hair… first the bonito flakes, now meat floss. 🙂
    Even the most accomplished bento makers rarely use anything but nori for hair.

    • Awwww… thank you for the kind compliment! (But I do admit I use nori for hair about 90% of the time…. ssshhh. Ha ha, nori is the easiest for creating a neat hair style.)

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