Boys Day bento

May 5 is Boy’s Day in Japan (also known as Children’s Day or Kodomo no Hi) and I decided to go ahead to make a bento as there were some more ideas I wanted to try out next week.

Traditionally, they raise carp shaped streamers or flags (known as koinobori) as it was believed that carp which swam upstream turned into dragons. The first two carp at the top of the streamers or flags represent the father and mother respectively, and subsequent ones for each boy in the family. They would also have the boys to wear traditional Japanese military helmets.

So this is my first attempt at making a bento for Kodomo no Hi, and I made an onigiri to represent a boy with his helmet made out of crabmeat. There are also two carp on a spinach pole, the top carp is made of rice wrapped with nori and the second one cut out of crab meat.

Boys Day bento (Kodomo no Hi bento), Children's Day bento

Boys Day bento (Kodomo no Hi)


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