Rilakkuma Dango

Yes, another Rilakkuma post, LOL. I have been seeing posts about dango (Japanese sweet dumplings usually served on a skewer) and thought I would make a variation of one.

Rilakkuma dango, korilakkuma dango, kiiroitori dango, a cute bento lunch for kids

Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori dango

I don’t have any cute dango skewers, plus Z2’s lunchbox was kinda small, so I used one of my regular bento picks. Rilakkuma at the top of the skewer is made of a shiitake mushroom ball, Korilakkuma in the middle is made of fishball and Kiiroitori at the bottom is made of a lobster ball. The dango sits on top of rice coloured with sakura denbu, which Z2 loved as it was pink aka her favourite colour.


15 thoughts on “Rilakkuma Dango

    • I used halved shiitake mushroom balls, fishballs and lobster balls (to have the various colours). The most traditional kind is dango on a skewer that is pink, white and green, I will probably play with that colour scheme next week 🙂

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