Rilakkuma Sushi

Ok, this doesn’t really look like Rilakkuma. I saw an idea on Pinterest of Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori sushi, but this being my very first attempt at sushi, it didn’t turn out well.

I added some soya sauce to colour the rice brown to make Rilakkuma, and I used tamago (Japanese omelette) to make Kiiroitori. Although this did not turn out well, Z1 was a really good sport and ate up all his lunch. Such a sweet boy.

Rilakkuma sushi, Kiiroitori sushi (san-x) Cute bento lunch for kids.

Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori sushi

I saw KWBentoDiary posted some Kiiroitori sushi earlier today too, and BentoMonsters has a tutorial on character sushi too. I am going to try the method posted by BentoMonsters this weekend, look out for a (hopefully) neater Rilakkuma sushi next week!


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