Birthday Bento

It was Z1’s 5th birthday a few days back, but I have been so crazy-busy that I hadn’t had time to make him a birthday bento! He did have a celebration in school though, and we have had 2 family dinners and one stay-cation so I think he was pretty happy! I made him a birthday bento this evening and he was really pleased.

Cute lunch bento for kids, birthday bento with onigiri and balloon picks and candles. Really festive!

Birthday bento for my birthday boy!

The birthday boy is made using onigiri flavored with some teriyaki sauce and nori facial details, and the birthday cake is represented with sliced strawberries and decorated with birthday picks. It was a great time to use the various balloon picks which I ordered last month! He also has steamed broccoli and his favourite fried chicken chunks.

Z2 has a party bento of a little girl holding two balloons, no “cake” for her though as it was not her birthday. I used some daisy sprinkles to colour the dress in her bento.

Cute lunch bento for kids - Party bento for birthday celebration, with onigiri and balloon picks

Party bento for birthday celebration


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