Hinamatsuri Bento

Tomorrow March 3 is Hinamatsuri Day in Japan, otherwise known as Girls Day or the Japanese Doll Festival. Thanks to Rabbit Can Cook for her indirect reminder when I read her blog last weekend.

It is pretty interesting, with the dolls arranged on tiers covered with red carpet. I have only made the first tier which has the Emperor and Empress. I was rushing to prepare this for Z1 while tending to the two younger ones who are not well, so I did not manage to add in as much detail as I would have liked to.

Cute lunch bento for kids - Hinamatsuri bento (Girls Day) made of onigiri, containing the Emperor and Empress.

HInamatsuri lunch bento with the Emperor and Empress

The Emperor and Empress’s robes are made of nori, decorated with some jewelled picks. The back of the bento holds some fried chicken chunks, broccoli and grapes.


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