D-I-Y Bento Deco For Baby’s First Bento

I noticed Z3 has been showing more interest in his siblings’ bentos rather than his own baby lunch of pureed broccoli, pumpkin and carrots. So I decided to make the little guy his very first bento, a simple snack.

However I wouldn’t be able to use my bento picks in his bento as he has barely passed 18 months and I don’t want him running around playing with sharp picks for obvious safety reasons, so I decided to make him some bento decoration pieces instead.

If you would like to try this, here’s what you need to get started:

  • Print-out or stickers of desired design. Here I used a free printable of Bubble Guppies I found online, this is one of Z3’s favourite cartoons and it is not a popular cartoon hence there are no stickers/ toys/ paraphernalia. I thought including some of his favourite cartoon characters would get him more excited about his first bento.
  • Laminating machine/ clear adhesive cards. If you intend to place the design directly on food as I had intended to do, laminating the design would prevent it from getting soggy and contaminating the food with ink. This also allows the design to be re-used in future as it is easy to wash the plastic coating. You could use a laminating machine if you had one at home, but I bought small laminating cards (see picture below), where you place the designs on the clear plastic and peel off the adhesive off the other end to seal the design.
  • Plastic food picks / tooth picks (Optional). You would need a pick to stick your design onto if you intended to make food picks, but I am making flat sheets of design similar to baran hence I did not use them.
Bento tutorial to make your own bento picks. How to make bento deco at home. Materials required to make your own bento decoration

Materials required to make your own bento decoration

Once you have these in place, it is quite idiot-proof to proceed, simply cut out your designs and laminate them and you’re good to go! When cutting out the laminated pieces do remember to leave some gap for the seal to hold in place.

And here is the end product:

Bento tutorial to make your own bento picks.  How to make home-made bento decoration (Bubble Guppies)

Home-made bento decoration (Bubble Guppies)


So I made Z3 a simple snack bento of cheddar cheese slices cut out with a car-shaped cookie cutter, and grapes which I have cut in half. He thoroughly enjoyed it and played with the decoration pieces after he was done eating.

Baby's first bento, cheese and grapes with Bubble Guppies decoration

Baby’s first bento

Z1 and Z2 saw the Bubble Guppies decorations during breakfast and were so excited about it so I added the decoration pieces to their breakfast as well. So easy to jazz up a bento with these home-made baran. They had a sealed heart-shaped Nutella sandwich and some yoghurt before heading down to catch the school bus.

Simple breakfast bento for preschoolers. Yoghurt, heart shaped sealed sandwich, Bubble Guppies decoration

Simple breakfast bento for preschoolers


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