Wedges in love

Today’s bento was very simple. The kids had a Chinese New Year celebration in school, which meant an overdose of jelly, macaroons, love letters and other CNY goodies. So I cut down the carbs in the bentos today, and made them sweet potato wedges which might be a bit more appetising for them. The potato wedges are lightly coated with olive oil and sprinkled with all purpose seasoning and some pepper, then baked in the oven for about 10-15 mins.

I had meant to buy the little Vietnamese sweet potatoes which have purple skins with yellow insides, but I took the wrong ones and these turned out to be purple sweet potatoes. The kids aren’t adventurous in trying new food, luckily they liked their bentos today.

I decorated the wedges with some cheese to make them look like they were holding hands on a date. Added some stir fried broccoli, meatballs marinated in teriyaki sauce and grapes. Photo featured below was Z1’s bento.

Valentines Day - Sweet potato wedges out on a date. Cute kids bento made with potato wedges, broccoli, meatballs and grapes

Sweet potato wedges out on a date for Valentines Day

Simple Meatballs Recipe

400 grams minced beef *

400 grams minced pork

1 small onion, finely chopped 

1 large egg

6 tbsp bread crumbs

1.5 cup milk

Seasoning – pepper, salt, paprika, cumin, onion salt

* The minced beef may be replaced with an equivalent quantity of minced pork

1. Stir fry the onion until translucent

2. Soak breadcrumbs in milk for 10 minutes

3. Mix all ingredients and marinate in the fridge for 30 mins to 1 hour.

4. Shape into meatballs and bake in the oven for 20 mins at 180 degree Celsius.

This is a really basic idiot-proof recipe for meatballs, and the meatballs can be flash-frozen and packed in batches in the freezer for easy cooking or baking later in the week.


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