Valentines dinner for Hubby

It’s not quite Valentines Day yet, but it’s just a week away and so easy to decorate hubby’s dinner with hearts to shower him with love, LOL. I came home early and he came home late today, so after I ate, I decorated his portion of dinner bento-style. And I realized I don’t have any bento boxes that will fit a full meal for an adult, so hey! More shopping to do!

He doesn’t like carbs so we don’t eat rice at dinner. He loves his meat so he has his baked chicken and some meatballs I made last weekend tucked under. I put cherry tomato hearts on top of both the stir-fried cabbage and his chicken, these don’t turn out very well as they are smaller, rounder honey tomatoes. I need slightly more elongated tomatoes to make the hearts turn out well.

He’s got one of my Nutella-filled cupcakes for dessert, and I piped the wording with Nutella. My first attempt at piping, I used the method of filling up the Nutella in a small Ziploc and cut off a tiny corner. He loves kum, the Mandarin oranges that are aplenty during the Chinese New Year season. I added in some Korean strawberries, some of which I cut into heart shapes for him.

Happy to say he appreciates my effort πŸ™‚

Valentines dinner for hubby done bento style. Chicken, cabbage, strawberry hearts, tomato hearts, i love you cupcake,

Dinner for hubby, done bento style with Valentines theme



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