An attempt at onigiri

I am generally not a big fan of making onigiri as the short-grained rice I cook generally turns out too mushy and I have yet to master the skill of moulding the rice into anything other than a rice ball or the traditional triangle shape.

Nevertheless I gave it another shot today, it didn’t turn out fantastic but hey, we all learn right?

I made Z1 an airplane, as the poor boy has missed Shanghai badly ever since we returned from our trip last month. I’ve promised him we will make another trip there at the end of this school year. So this airplane was to let him know that Mommy has not forgotten, I explained that I made him a plane to take him back to Shanghai. I coloured some rice using deco-furi to create the bottom layer of the plane. The plane was moulded freehand by shaping the rice using cling wrap, and I elevated the plane for photo-taking by propping it on top of an overturned silicone cup.

Bento lunch - Onigiri plane to Shanghai shaped freehand , coloured with deco-furi

Take me to Shanghai – aeroplane shaped onigiri bento for lunch

Z2 has Hello Kitty shaped onigiri for her bento, I used a rice mould which was one of my Christmas presents. Not so good with this yet as my Hello Kitty’s ear got kinda squashed. I made the ribbon using rice coloured with deco-furi and outlined it with nori strips. Not one of my best bentos but sweet little Z2 enjoyed her Hello Kitty anyway.

Hello Kitty shaped onigiri for bento lunch

Hello Kitty shaped onigiri in a bento for lunch


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