Easy french toast

Easy tasty lunch – French toast rolled up with a quick decoration.

This is a great recipe to use up leftover pieces of bread after cutting out shapes for their sandwiches. I usually store the leftovers in an airtight Ziploc bag and use them to make French toast about once a week. So easy to make and the kids love it! Although I must say that these days I end up with fewer portions of leftover bread as all three of them snag the leftover bits right after I cut out their sandwiches!

Tip – Roll up the French toast when it is still warm! Makes it easier to roll and to retain the rolled shape after it has cooled. I used the lunchbox lid to hold the roll in place when it was cooling.

Z1 had his French toast decorated like a bear, I had wanted to make it look like Rilakkuma but somehow the features look a bit off. Still looks like a bear though! And Z2 had – no prizes for guessing right – Hello Kitty again!

They each had a slice of apple, cheese cubes and yoghurt as sides. Z2’s cheese cubes were given to her separately as her lunchbox was actually smaller than Z1’s. (It’s a set of nesting Sugarbunnies lunchboxes). The ladybug on Z1’s yoghurt is a baran, makes it look a lot less boring with minimal effort. If you have noticed, I did not provide any syrup or honey to go with the French toast as I had added a teaspoon of sugar into the egg mixture when preparing the French toast.

Easy french toast with bear decoration. Sides of yoghurt, cheese cubes and apple

Easy French toast with bear decoration

Easy french toast with Hello Kitty decoration. Sides of yoghurt, cheese cubes and apple

Easy French toast with Hello Kitty decoration



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