Excavator and Hello Kitty

Today is one of those days where I made a different bento for each child. Usually to speed things up I make the same one for both Z1 and Z2 (so I can “copy and paste” the design haha!). But I have some construction picks I ordered months ago and not used yet, so I decided to make a construction themed bento for Z1. He has been talking about cranes and excavators, dump trucks and cement trucks and whatnot for months too, must be one of those phases little boys go through.

So he got an excavator cut out from egg sheet and some nori details, and I made a construction worker topped with a worker hat pick. I added in a saw pick for some added cuteness.

Construction themed lunch bento  - excavator with construction worker and tools

Construction themed bento – excavator with construction worker and tools

So Z2 got a Hello Kitty to top her rice, I made it using white egg sheet and cut it out using my Hello Kitty cutter. I added details using nori. Z2 loves Hello Kitty to bits right now, so you can be sure she was very pleased with this bento!

Hello Kitty (sanrio) bento lunch - made using egg sheet and hello kitty cookie cutter

Hello Kitty bento



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