All about Me

Since I missed out putting myself and hubby in the Thankful bento I made earlier, I’ve done a simple snack bento depicting myself. (Hubby’s will be done sometime really soon!)

I have been blogging quite a bit without further introducing myself, so here goes :

  • I am a mega shopaholic  -Did not manage to depict this in this bento as I don’t have the right ingredients to make a shopping bag
  • I am always trying to lose a few pounds and always watching my weight (even though I love to eat as we all do!) – represented by sliced strawberries, one of my favourite fruits
  • I love all things cute, eye-catching and colourful – represented by the little shooting star baran.

And of course, I love bento-ing (that’s why I made this!)

Self portrait – all about me!


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