When you are mad, make PacMan!

Most poeple make bentos to feed their kids, or to pack to work. But I felt rather guilty for “wasting” food to make this bento, or rather, play-food. I was quite upset after a tiff with hubby and decided to do something in the kitchen to take my mind off things. I ended up making this PacMan design on a slice of bread, even though I didn’t have the right ingredients – just made do with whatever I found in the fridge.

It’s not the neatest design, but I guess it will do for a first attempt. I know the ingredients look weird, who eats nori with bread right? But like I mentioned, I didn’t intend to eat this. I had used leftover scraps of cheese and ham. It was rather therapeutic making this alone in the kitchen at night after everyone had gone to bed. Beats spending more money shopping online.

PacMan sandwich


Good night everyone!


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