Pokemon bentos- Torchic and Charmander

Last of my current series of character bentos, I wanted to do a last Pokemon themed bento for the Bento of the Week – Pokemon theme on the Bento Blog Network. I picked this little fire-type chick Torchic and Charmander, also a fire-type Pokemon.

To sidetrack a little, I was rather sleepy when I sketched out Torchic this morning on paper, and only shaded the yellow portion of him with a dark yellow marker. While I was cutting the cheese, I somehow managed to make Torchic as a yellow based chick with orange accents, rather than an orange chick with yellow accents! I only discovered this boo-boo after I put the chick together. Needless to say, that one went on to the bento graveyard too.. Or perhaps I will let little Z3 have it as his supper before bedtime later.

Z1 will have Charmander, and Z2 will have Torchic. The characters are served on half a slice of chocolate bread, together with some grapes, as their afternoon snack today.

Torchic and Charmander – a Pokemon bento


Torchic – a Pokemon bento


Charmander – a Pokemon bento




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