Character bentos – Mickey and Minnie Mouse

So i wanted to try another bento based on a cartoon character after my attempt at Pokemon and Hello Kitty, so I attempted Mickey and Minnie Mouse this time.

This is my first attempt at making Mickey and Minnie and it didn’t turn out too well I suppose? Hubs said the cheeks didn’t puff out sufficiently (ie they weren’t round enough). I made them using these cookie cutters that came with stampers, more suitable for stamping on cookie dough before baking. I cut out Mickey and Minnie onto fishcake using the cutters, but the stampers do not make any impression on nori at all hence i had to cut out the outline of ears and face freehand. My next attempt to make Mickey and Minnie will be done by tracing a printout of their images onto baking parchment, which I hope will enable me to follow their features more closely.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse cutters and stampers


The rest of the kids dinner contained some stir fried beans, chicken karaage and fruits, with a slice of cucumber used as a baran this time.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse bento



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