Character Bentos – Pokemon and Hello Kitty

I have been trying to do a Pokemon bento but the first one did not turn out nicely and its gone on to the bento graveyard. So I made a new one today, Z1 got a Pikachu and Z2 got a Hello Kitty since she certainly does not know what Pokemon is.

I tried to add some raspberries to their lunch today, as I came across an idea on Pinterest where chocolate chips were stuffed into raspberries. I tried doing this with M&Ms instead. It looked fine at first but got melt-y thereafter as I guess the raspberries were damp after washing. I guess next time I will try this with chocolate chips instead!

M&Ms in raspberries to add a dash of colour


So anyway here are the bentos I made for them.


Pokemon Bento – Pikachu


Hello Kitty bento




4 thoughts on “Character Bentos – Pokemon and Hello Kitty

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