Mountain Climbing bento

Had a terribly stressful day at work and was burnt out by 4pm. So I made an after-dinner bento to de-stress!

Found these buns in a supermarket while waiting for hubby to pick me up from the train station, love those chocolate swirls! I steamed them for 5 minutes and they were ready to eat.

So I made it as a mountain where the chocolate swirls are the trekking paths. In the first bento for Z1, I used some rabbit picks together with a squirrel and acorn pick, and some picks for an evergreen tree and flower.

For Z2, she has some playful pandas instead cavorting about on the “trekking path”, and some flower picks. In the background you see some asparagus which was actually part of my dinner (yes, I stopped eating halfway to make these snack bentos) which I ate thereafter and replaced with more strawberries for the little princess.

Well I do feel much happier after making these!




2 thoughts on “Mountain Climbing bento

    • Hi Rose, there is no filling inside, but still yummy all the same. Traditionally the plain ones are used with braised meat dishes or chilli crabs (to soak up the gravy).

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