Little Dracula in “coffin”

I had wanted to make a cute Dracula out of quail eggs. According to hubs these actually look like they are grinning, although I had tried to add in 2 “fangs” out of nori.

I hadn’t actually intended to put them in little “coffins” but I was running very late (the kids were at my mom’s and I was trying to rush this over for their lunch) so the little Draculas ended up alone in the top tier of the box with the chocolate bread and cheese, and while I packed the bentos I thought they looked like they were lying in coffins. They seem pretty tiny in proportion to the size of the box, but I had no time to re-do it.

I really prefer to have sufficient time to prepare a bento and not rush through it. Enjoying the process of putting a bento together is half the joy and satisfaction of seeing the finished piece of “art”.

Anyway, I didn’t have any Halloween themed picks to decorate the lower tier so a toadstool was the best I could pick out from my collection of “cutesy” baran.




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